IAHAIO/ISAZ collaboration

We are excited to announce a new initiative, launched in June 2017 by IAHAIO and ISAZ, to encourage closer collaboration and networking between researchers and practitioners in HAI and AAI.

We believe that by encouraging closer links between those undertaking research in the field and practitioners who are delivering AAI services, important benefits can be enjoyed and research and service delivery can be strengthened. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Greater dialogue between researchers and practitioners may increase understanding of the challenges faced by each and also the opportunities available to explore
  • Practitioners and researchers can be ‘matched’ in terms of priority areas for research and availability of services and programmes that wish to be involved in research
  • More opportunities may arise for programmes to be evaluated, which provides important information that may in turn support funding applications and PR work for programmes
  • Outcome measures can be shared more widely so that findings can be compared and the existing database of research enhanced

IAHAIO and ISAZ will be promoting a number of initiatives in the coming months to support this collaboration. We are this month launching the IAHAIO/ISAZ Online Forum.  This will provide a dedicated, safe and secure space to share information and insights, upload documents and get the conversation started. The IAHAIO/ISAZ Online Forum is open to all ISAZ and IAHAIO members. To gain access, you will need to set up a dedicated account. Please email admin@iahaio.org for the link.