Roswitha ZinkBoard member-at-large

    Roswitha studied biology and special needs education at the University of Vienna. In 2003 she founded a centre for therapy with animals in a psychiatric hospital at Vienna, Austria, where 500 children are treated by year. At a small farm in Lower Austria, she learned a lot about agriculture and there her organisation also started a green care farm. Her expertise in training is with horses, sheep, cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs. She has spent a lot of time trying to make progress in professional therapeutic methods and special training for animals, and her team has created a method based on biological knowledge combined with psychotherapeutically-based children treatment. Knowledge, self-determination, humanity, dignity and humility are fundamental values in her work with animals and sick people. In 2016 she started a new scientific project with the co-operation of four universities, about backgrounds of breathing and heart rate (HRV) from humans and animals in therapeutic sessions. To modulate stress, she taught her horses to snort, which changed many practical exercises. Her belief is that synchronization helps to conjure therapeutic moments especially for traumatized patients.