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Dear  friends

We are living in an extraordinary, difficult time where we all ‘suffer’ in one way or another of ‘isolation’ of work, family and friends and in the worst- case scenario we are suffering from the Corona virus. It means a real threat.

The work in our organizations is obstructed or even forbidden by Governments or will be very difficult. In our country (Netherlands) we are not allowed to go to our offices, to have meetings, conferences etc. We had to postpone our IAHAIO Conference as you know.

Hopefully we can find ways to cope with the restrictions to our daily living currently imposed. As for myself, I really enjoy having my dog Sam around me all day (he loves it) and this gives an excuse to take walks outside and enjoy the beautiful nature in Spring and have contacts on a distance with other dog walkers.  I suppose you all will have those experiences, to be supported by your pets, horses and other animals you live with. We all know how they help us (and our clients) through life.

IAHAIO wants to be there for you. We are all part of a strong, resilient global community and at times like this, we should reach out and support each other. Let’s work together to stay positive.

The whole IAHAIO Board and our director wish you a lot of strength and courage to ‘survive’ this difficult period.


All best, warm regards, Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers

President of IAHAIO


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