New IAHAIO Member logo

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We are excited to announce that our new IAHAIO Member logo is now available to all IAHAIO Full and Affiliate members to display on their website and materials.

This logo highlights the organization’s membership of IAHAIO and distinguishes member organizations from others in the field. It also indicates a member’s commitment to the aims and ethos of IAHAIO, including our White Paper, Position Statements and Declarations.

Please click here ( to see guidelines for the use of the IAHAIO Member logo and associated terms and conditions.

In January of each year, the IAHAIO Member logo displaying the current year, will be sent out to member organizations following payment of their annual membership dues.

We value the work of each of our member organizations and hope that you will display the IAHAIO Member logo with pride!

If you would like to be sent the IAHAIO Member logo, please contact me:

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