Our commitment

IAHAIO is committed to providing information of the highest quality by respected and experienced researchers and practitioners involved in animal-assisted interventions and human-animal interactions.  In November 2020, we embarked on a series of regular webinars. Here you have access to the presentations made during the webinars, and where possible, full recordings are provided.


Currently, we do not charge for attendance at our webinars, but  these events do incur costs. If you’ve attended one of our webinars and found it interesting – perhaps it enhanced your understanding or answered some of your questions – we would be grateful if you would consider making a donation to support the continuation of our work in this area. If you haven’t attended our webinars but enjoy access to the recordings or videos, a donation would also be gratefully received.

We are delighted to receive support from CEVA for our webinar series!

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Webinar: 25 March 2021, 1.5 hours
Animal-assisted interventions: The human impact of COVID-19

All over the world practitioners, academics, researchers and students active in human-animal interactions have experienced personal and professional impacts and may face long-term challenges from COVID-19. Illness, death, life restrictions, economic impacts have taken their toll on communities all over the world. As service providers we have coped and adapted our work during the pandemic. The pain and frustration of this trauma experience still challenges us, and requires self-awareness, resilience and interdisciplinary support.

Self-care and recognizing the impact of vicarious trauma for human-service providers is a necessary process to regain the professional upper hand.

Chaired by Michael Kaufmann from Green Chimneys, this webinar brought together a panel of mental health practitioners and an audience of peers to explore themes, share and reflect on this experience. The panel included Dr Aubrey Fine, Unnati Hunjab, Meg Kirby, Dr Veronica Lac and Dr Christine Olsen.

Click here to download a recording of the webinar.

Click here to download a video clip of Meg Kirby talking to Michael Kaufmann about the human impact of COVID-19 on AAI services in her country, Australia.  (Meg was unable to join us ‘live’ for the webinar due to time zone clashes, so pre-recorded this clip)

Webinar 25 February 2021, 2 hours

New international guidelines on equine care and welfare, and equine training and handling

This webinar showcased the publication of IAHAIO’s new international guidelines on equine care and welfare, and equine training and handling. This was based on the workings of an international task force appointed by IAHAIO and developed over a three-year period.  Drawing on extensive knowledge and experience, our three presenters explained why good welfare standards for equines are crucial and how service providers can ensure that equines are suitably trained and well cared for when engaged in therapy services, education and learning services or adaptive/therapeutic riding and horsemanship.

The webinar was chaired by Karin Hediger, IAHAIO VP Education and the presenters were Kathy Alm, Terri Brosnan and Nine Ekholm-Fry.

A recording of the webinar can be downloaded here.

The new IAHAIO international guidelines can be downloaded here.

Webinar: 17 December 2020, 2 hours
Animal-assisted interventions during the pandemic: Ways of working across the globe

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives – the way we live, work and interact with others. For many people delivering animal-assisted interventions, the pandemic has had a great impact on their programmes and new ways of thinking and practice have emerged.

In this webinar, practitioners from different parts of the world shared their experiences, insights and innovative approaches, showing us ways to keep humans and animals safe when delivering animal-assisted interventions in different contexts.

The webinar was chaired by Dr Michal Pregowski (IAHAIO Vice President Policy) and the presenters were Dr Alicia Kennedy, Melissa Winkle and Francesc Ristol.

To view a recording of this webinar, click here.

Webinar: 19 November 2020, 2 hours
Animal well-being in AAI: physiological, behavioural and emotional indicators


The webinar was chaired by Jo-Ann Fowler, Director of IAHAIO and the speakers were Dr Lisa Glenk, Prof Daniel Mills, Prof Zenithson Ng

To view the video of the presentation by Prof Zenithson Ng, click here.