About our Events

IAHAIO’s conferences and events take three different forms:

1. IAHAIO support for its member events and conferences
Each year, IAHAIO will provide a speaker, workshop or small grant to up to two of its member organizations who wish to run a local conference or event on a topic that forms part of IAHAIO’s priority areas and which is open to all IAHAIO members. IAHAIO members will be required to complete an application form, outlining plans for their event and costings. The IAHAIO logo should be visible on conference materials. Practical co-ordination of event and all finances will be managed by the IAHAIO member organization. A summary of the event should be written up by the member organization and available for dissemination.
This event could also form part of the Annual Meeting for IAHAIO members, which could take place the day before or after the event.

2. IAHAIO support for HAI and AAI in underdeveloped regions
Each year, IAHAIO will identify a region/s where HAI and AAI is underdeveloped and approach thought leaders/practitioners/researchers who are keen to promote the field in the region to identify opportunities for hosting a seminar or workshop. The practicalities of the event will be organized locally, with advice and support from IAHAIO particularly around educational input.

3. IAHAIO triennial conference
IAHAIO will host a 2-3 day conference every three years that will be focused on research and practice in HAI and AAI, showcasing the latest research and practice in the field. IAHAIO will invite bids from IAHAIO members to put forward a proposal to work with IAHAIO to deliver the conference. The proposal should include details on how the member organization will lead on the practical delivery and organization of the conference at local level. Costs will be shared with IAHAIO and any proceeds arising from the conference will be divided between IAHAIO and its co-host.

Since its inception, IAHAIO has held an international conference every three years, usually in a different country each time, from Glasgow to Japan to Chicago. These IAHAIO triennial conferences provide attendees with the very latest in HAI research, education and practice. By attending, you can talk with the key players in the HAI field, learn about work that has not yet hit the publication world, and stay abreast of the trends in HAI. Our conferences also provide wonderful opportunities for networking.

IAHAIO invites its Member organizations to submit a bid to co-host a triennial conference. This is a fantastic opportunity to host one of the biggest human-animal interaction events in your own country and thereby work with IAHAIO to expand the field and bring the latest research and programme developments to new audiences. If your organization would like further details on any of the above events, please email us at admin@iahaio.org.

Priority areas for conferences and events

The priority areas for informing the content of our conferences and events are:

  1. Collaboration between researchers and practitioners
  2. Promoting successes and addressing challenges faced by IAHAIO member organizations
  3. Supporting emerging needs in HAI and AAI in countries where these fields are underdeveloped
  4. Encourage best practices in human and animal welfare in HAI and AAI
  5. Provide platform for new research and pilot studies

These areas will be taken into account when considering any bid to co-host an event with IAHAIO.