Use of the IAHAIO logo and IAHAIO Member logo

The IAHAIO logo and name are recognized internationally as a symbol of quality and strong commitment to ethical and professional standards in the Human-Animal Interactions field. The use of the IAHAIO logo and name in an authorized manner requires formal permission. Furthermore, the IAHAIO logo and/or name may never be used in a way that implies membership or formal affiliation with IAHAIO, unless by an IAHAIO member organization, and in such cases the IAHAIO Member logo should be used.

Full and Affiliate member organizations of IAHAIO are encouraged to display the IAHAIO Member logo on their website and printed materials to highlight their membership of IAHAIO. Displaying the IAHAIO  Member logo distinguishes member organizations from others in the field and also indicated a member’s commitment to the IAHAIO terms and conditions.

  1. Members that meet the IAHAIO membership terms and conditions are listed on the IAHAIO website. This list is kept up-to-date– if there are any queries regarding the status of an organization, please contact IAHAIO
  2. The use of the IAHAIO Member logo is available only to the member organization and not to individual members of the IAHAIO member organization
  3. Member organizations should meet their membership dues at the beginning of each calendar year.
  4. The logo may not be used or printed on any training materials of the member organization, to imply endorsement of training, except where permission has been granted in writing by IAHAIO
  5. The logo and/or membership affiliation may not be used to imply an endorsement by IAHAIO
  6. The logo and/or membership affiliation may not be used in any disparaging way
  7. If we notice that IAHAIO member organizations are promoting their membership in a way that isn’t consistent with these guidelines, we will get in touch with the member organization to resolve this
  8. IAHAIO reserves the right to disallow use of its logo or name should terms and conditions of membership not be met or guidelines not adhered to
  9. The IAHAIO Member logo should not be modified in any way. The colour, shading and graphics cannot be altered. It should stand alone and not be incorporated into other artwork

Unauthorized use of the IAHAIO logo/name

Occasionally, IAHAIO learns of organizations and individuals that are using the IAHAIO logo and name without permission. This is a violation of IAHAIO’s trademark. IAHAIO strongly enforces its trademark associated with its logos and shall enforce its rights under law regarding any unauthorized use of its logos. Individuals or organizations using the IAHAIO logo without permission will be listed on the IAHAIO website.

People are encouraged to check the membership listings on the IAHAIO website to verify membership. Any unauthorized use of the IAHAIO Member logo should be reported to IAHAIO.