About membership

IAHAIO exists to bring together organizations and associations that promote human-animal interactions through education, practice and/or research. IAHAIO encourages such organizations to join our growing global network and to work with IAHAIO to promote best practice in the field to enhance the health and welfare of people and animals.

There are currently over 90 IAHAIO members in different countries around the globe. Membership is by application only, which is reviewed by the IAHAIO Board. There are two membership categories: full and affiliate. To be accepted as a member of IAHAIO, organizations need to demonstrate their commitment to IAHAIO’s missions and goals and describe how their work supports positive human-animal interactions and/or animal-assisted interventions. Agreement to the IAHAIO Membership Terms and Conditions, including sign-up to the IAHAIO White Paper and Declarations is required, and an annual membership subscription fee is payable.

The membership subscription fee helps to support the work and activities of IAHAIO, for example, its conferences and events, the publication of its online Journal, the production of its Newsletter, the management of its online Forum for members and various costs associated with its administration (for example, hosting of the AGM) and secretariat.

Member organizations enjoy a number of excellent benefits, including access to a dedicated member online forum and reduced rates at IAHAIO conferences and events.